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From the freshest parts of the galaxy, with the illest vibes, we bring you this message.

To the wearer:

In this culture of Love that we call HipHop, may you be ever-present and continue to obtain knowledge that drives us to be more than our environment, more than our circumstance, and to believe in the good and hold integrity- only seeking validation from yourself and learning to Love unconditionally, always. May the items imbued with my intention be a reminder that you are an infinite being divinely made of Love and Light.

Go forth, never-ceasing to bring your unique and dope flavor to this dimension and those beyond.

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ill 'til infinity is a Detroit lifestyle brand influenced by Noetic Science, Esoteric understandings and HipHop culture. Manifested from the life experiences and research of Dontez "Just" Jones.

This brand was made with the intention, to bring you Love, so you can spread Light.

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